New Autosamplers for Flow Injection multi N/C systems

28.09.2020 | 뉴스

Analytik Jena introduces AS 21hp and AS 10e for flow injection multi N/C devices

Analytik Jena presents two new autosamplers for flow injection TOC analyzers of the multi N/C series. The autosamplers AS 21hp and AS 10e give users more flexibility and throughput in TOC analysis.

The new AS 21hp is an economical high-performance autosampler for laboratories with moderate sample throughput. The system has 21 positions per sequence and is suitable for all kinds of water samples. The AS 21hp allows the parallel purge of samples - the elimination of inorganic carbon - which significantly increases the throughput. An integrated magnetic stirring function homogenizes any kind of aqueous sample. Even particle containing samples can be easily introduced into the analyzer and measured.

For laboratories striving for cost-efficient automation, Analytik Jena presents the AS 10e Autosampler. The device offers 10 positions and is ideal for all types of particle-free water samples.

The AS 21hp and AS 10e are available for the systems multi N/C 3100, multi N/C UV HS, multi N/C pharma HT and mutli N/C pharma UV. To protect the sample compartment, an optional cover is available for both new autosamplers. The sequence can also be extended as required by conveniently adding samples during the measurement.

Further information on the multi N/C series can be found here.


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