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For which devices is the online registration and the additional warranty applicable?

Online registration and the additional warranty apply to all devices purchased after 2015 – 01 - 01. Here you can find the list of devices for which the additional warranty is applicable.

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What does additional warranty mean?

The terms and conditions and the scope of our warranty services are described in our warranty conditions. Register your device here.

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What is the duration of the additional warranty?

The duration of the additional warranty is three years after delivery of the device, free of charge and without obligation.

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What products can I register?

You can see for which devices online registration is possible here.

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Can I also register other devices?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. In the event that we later expand registration to other products, we will inform our customers on this website.

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What happens with the personal information I provide?

Please read our privacy policy.

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Where can I find the serial number on the device? How can I ensure that I have the correct number?

Here show you examples of where the serial number is located on the device.

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We did not purchase this device from Analytik Jena. Can we still register it?

Yes, you can. In such cases, please click “Dealer” or “Other” in the registration form.

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What happens if my address or other information changes at some point? How can I inform you of the changes?

Please contact us using our contact form and provide us your new data. 

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What happens to my information if, after registering my device, I leave the company?

Please contact us using our contact form and provide us with your successor’s contact data. 

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