RoboGene® HCV RNA Quantification Kit 3.0

RoboGene® HCV RNA Quantification Kit


  • CE-IvD certified real-time PCR based detection system for quantification of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) RNA
  • Simplified kit format extensively validated on
    qTOWER³ as well as several other real-time PCR platforms
  • Precise acquisition of clinical data due to four included lyophilized quantitation standards
  • Improved sensitivity: up to 16.6 IU/ml
  • Reduced qPCR run times down to < 2 h

Product Info

The RoboGene® HCV RNA Quantification Kit 3.0 is CE-IvD validated for quantification of Hepatitis C Virus RNA in human plasma or serum samples using One-Step real-time PCR.The universal kit setup provided as an open system allows flexible and reliable application to most major Real-Time PCR platforms current on the market. The Internal Control is provided as an IC Spiking Tube for convenient handling with manual as well as automated extraction methods. Additionally, the Internal Control can be measured in VIC as well as Cy5 channel. Due to determination of target in FAM channel and when measuring Internal Control in Cy5 channel color compensation is negligible. Benefit from superior sensitivity and specificity and count on defined lyophilized standards covering concentrations from 2 to 7 log IU/ml for precise data acquisition. Three kit sizes, all including 4x4 standards, are available in order to provide the perfect solutions from low to high throughput laboratories.

Order Info

Order number



32 reactions


96 reactions


192 reactions


Starting material:

RNA from human plasma and serum

Detection principle:

  • Quantitative qPCR (TaqMan®)
  • Target: FAM channel
  • Internal Control: VIC or Cy5 channel

Certified qPCR platforms:
qTOWER³ (AJ), CFX 96 (Biorad), LightCycler 480 II (Roche), Rotor-Gene (Qiagen), 7500 Fast (ABI) 


16.6 IU/ml 


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