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Air displacement and positive displacement — Liquid Handling

Air displacement and positive displacement — we master and use both methods. Our simultaneous pipettors are air cushion pipettes and our fast contact-free reagent dispensers work with direct displacement.


Transport and Positioning of Microplates

Our pipetting platforms CyBio® Well and CyBio® Well vario are characterized by a simple transport technology, which guarantees robustness, precision and accuracy. The core feature is the transport system which provides a linear-moving working deck with up to five places. For extended workspace a ciruclar disk platform provides up to ten open-access stations.

The exact positioning of the plates compared to the pipetting head is carried out by self-centering in a lifter system. The pipetting head is fixed, while the precise positioning table lifts the microplate exactly under the head and the tips within three directions (x,y,z). The dedicated function of the positioning table ensures precision, not only across a single plate, but across thousands of plates. With this solution, we are the pioneer of systems handling the 1536-well-format.


Pipetting Tips

Our pipetting tips are in-house developments and are produced with our own manufacturing tools. CyBio® Tips of the CyBio® TipTrays, CyBio® RopotTipTrays und CyBio® Tip Magazines ensure optimal accuracy and precision. By means of an elastomer mat the flange of the pipetting tips is completely sealed.


Dispensing Technology

The heart of this technology is a ceramic pump in the CyBio® Drop. It both eliminates valves and operates without interrupting maintenance procedures. Valves are replaced by cavities in a rotating piston. The volume of the dose is determined by the CyBio® Drop user by choosing the length of the stroke. The CyBio® Drop’s manifold uses a two-step division system milled directly into the nozzle comb. This division system provides a perfectly uniform distribution and avoids errors caused by other fluid distribution schemes.


Cell Recirculation Function

The important cell circulation function which we provide with the CyBio® Drop non-contact dispenser, eliminates cell settling effects and enables homogeneous distribution of cells while they are being dispensed. This results in a level of uniformity in cell dispensing, which could not be achieved so far. Dedicated cell dispensing heads with cell-optimized fluid paths make the CyBio® Drop the ideal cell dispenser, featuring excellent cell viability and minimal cell stress.


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