Pipetting Tips

Excellent pipetting results require excellent tips. Our tips have been carefully designed according to exact specifications of pipetting instruments. Rigorous quality control inspections during manufacturing and packaging ensure consistently high quality - guarantees highest precision.

Whilst pipettors are acknowledged for their highly reliable and precise performance, it should be emphasized that pipetting tips play a major role in ensuring these excellent capabilities. Our tips are carefully engineered and optimized to ideally fit our instruments, therefore facilitating a perfect interaction between pipettor and tips. Through the tips, Analytik Jena sets standards for high precision parallel pipetting — even in sub-microliter ranges.

  • Perfect interaction between tips and pipettor through unique Tip Sealing Technology
  • Particularly well defined tip orifices enable the formation of very small droplets, resulting in superior precision values, even in cases where only extremely low volumes of only 200 nL are transferred
  • Extremely smooth tip surface yields a very low retention volume
  • High straightness and constancy of tip lengths allow for pipetting smallest volumes into dry microplates

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