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ICP-MS for High-precision Drinking Water Analysis With the Lowest Possible Cost Per Sample

Analytik Jena has optimized its ICP-MS (inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer) solutions for the requirements of routine drinking water analysis.

ICP-OES für die zuverlässige Analyse von elektrolytischen Ätzlösungen

Mit der PlasmaQuant PQ 9000-Serie bietet Analytik Jena Lösungen für die zuverlässige und effiziente Analyse von elektrolytischen Ätzlösungen.

Lactic Acid Quality — Analyze Nitrogen, Sulfur, and Chlorine Regardless of the Matrix

For optimal analysis: the multi EA 5000 from Analytik Jena. This elemental analyzer is both easy to use and has shown the most reliable performance in analyzing organic raw materials.

24/7 High Throughput — Analytik Jena Offers the World’s Fastest Sulfur and Nitrogen Analysis

24 hours of continuous operation, 163 samples, without monitoring and in minimum space: This is how compEAct works — a sulfur and nitrogen analyzer from Analytik Jena developed for the petrochemical industry.

World Hepatitis Day — Analytik Jena’s Detection Kits and Instruments Help Identify the Disease

World Hepatitis Day takes place every year on July 28. Its purpose is to raise awareness of the disease worldwide and to provide information about the risks and the options for protection and treatment for hepatitis infections.

ACHEMA 2018 — Analytik Jena’s TOC/TNb Solutions Increase the Performance of Process-Oriented Labs

At ACHEMA 2018 in Frankfurt am Main, Analytik Jena is presenting analytical solutions for total organic carbon (TOC) and total nitrogen bound (TNb), with which labs oriented toward process and production can decisively increase the quality and quantity of their analyses.

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