multi N/C 4300 Series

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An extremely sensitive and precise UV digestion device, which is ideally suited for ultra-pure water analysis - in the trace range even without persulfate.

TOC trace analysis without oxidizing agents

The highly precise multi N/C 4300 UV is specifically designed for TOC analysis at the ultra-trace level. He is ideal for analyzing boiler feed water in large-scale power plants, water for injection purposes and TOC cleaning validation in the pharmaceutical sector. Equipped with a high-performance UV reactor, all carbon compounds can be digested rapidly and completely, even in difficult matrices such as monitoring of electrolysis baths for electroplating. At the ultra-trace level, the UV reactor enables digestion without persulfate, which makes operation more efficient, avoiding TOC blank interferences. The device can be retrofitted with a solids module for non-catalytic high-temperature combustion.

  • TOC analysis at the ultra-trace level thanks to maximum injection volumes of up to 20 mL
  • Persulfate-free sample digestion thanks to high-power long-life UV reactor
  • High NPOC sample throughput due to parallel purging and measurement
  • New intuitive software with live result display and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant pharma module
  • Significant time savings thanks to long-term stable calibrations
  • Automatic acidification, purging and sample homogenization
  • Device can be upgraded for TOC analysis of solids by means of non-catalytic high-temperature combustion
  • Five-year warranty for the focus radiation NDIR detector and three-year warranty for the UV reactor

High performance for wet chemical UV digestion

TOC analysis at the ultra-trace level requires precision and efficiency. Flow injection from the syringe pump combined with the focus radiation NDIR detector enables a low detection limit of 1 µg/L C at the ultra-trace level.

Sample digestion is performed using a long-life high-power UV reactor with two oxidation wavelengths. The particularly high-energy UV radiation at 254 nm and 185 nm oxidizes even extremely stable carbon compounds quickly and completely, and this without any oxidizing agents such as persulfate. Not only does this make operation safer and more economical, it also delivers more accurate results as it avoids distortion of measurement results due to reagent blank values.

The highly sensitive FR NDIR detector, combined with the high radiation intensity of the UV reactor, makes for precise CO2 detection at the trace and ultra-trace level and also makes the device suitable for aggressive matrices.

The Easy Cal function enables stable long-term multi-point calibration from a single stock solution, saving time and effort.

The automation solutions are specifically designed for applications at the ultra-trace level, making sample preparation and analysis more efficient, and they can be tailored to the needs of our customers. Our comprehensive autosampler portfolio enables automatic acidification, parallel purging and magnetic stirring to homogenize samples, as well as external needle rinsing to prevent sample carryover. The EPA sampler allows operation with polymer septa for TOC analysis in ultrapure water. Optimum blank value minimization is achieved by permanent purging of reagents.

TOC solids measurement can be configured using the additional module HT 1300, which offers manual sample introduction via ceramic boats. This is used for non-catalytic high-temperature combustion at up to 1800 °C (with additives) in a ceramic combustion tube.

Manual TIC analysis for solids by direct acid digestion is available with the TIC module.

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multi N/C 4300 UV

Extremely sensitive TOC analyzer, which is ideally suited for ultrapure water analysis, especially in pharmaceutical applications. High-power UV oxidation also makes it an ideal device for TOC analysis in complicated matrices, where combustion devices reach their limits.

Solids analysis (optional):

  • Non-catalytic high-temperature combustion with HT 1300
  • Acid digestion module for TIC analysis in solids

No nitrogen analysis


  • Ultrapure water analysis (water for injection - WFI) in pharma industry
  • TOC cleaning validation by swab extraction or final rinse method
  • Analysis of boiler feed water and condensates in power plants
  • Drinking water analysis
  • Highly saline or acidic samples such as in electroplating



multi N/C 4300 UV - TOC analyzer (UV digestion)


Focus Radiation NDIR

Optional Parameters


Injection Volume

50 - 20000 µL



Digestion Mode

UV wet chemical digestion

Gas supply

Nitrogen 5.0 or Argon 4.6

Limit of Detection

1 µg/L

Measurement Range

0 - 10000 mg/L

Sample Supply

Flow injection

Measuring Time

3 - 5 min


1 - 2 %

Dimension (width x depth x height)

513 mm x 547 mm x 464 mm


multiWin pro - Operation and data evaluation software for TOC/TNb analyzers

The new intuitive software multiWin pro is your user cockpit, with all vital information presented on a single screen. It monitors all key system parameters, clearly presents the measurement results and enables comfortable and targeted operation thanks to its automated, user-friendly workflows. It also offers optional data integrity functions in accordance with FDA 21 CRF Part 11.

The software includes the following features:

  • Sequence table: Live results update, option to measure a single sample using different methods
  • Calibration: Automatic calibration during the measurement sequence with the calibration evaluation applied to subsequent sample measurements
  • Easy Cal: Multi-point calibration from a single standard, including blank correction
  • Reporting: Data evaluation and generation of result reports during an ongoing sequence; user-specific choice of units
  • Conversion functions: Conversion of TOC results into CSB and BSB5 equivalents, TIC values into CO2 levels, and total nitrogen results into total protein contents
  • Self-diagnostics: Automatic and permanent leakage monitoring as well as monitoring of input pressure and internal device pressure, tracking of maintenance intervals, furnace and Peltier temperature, as well as detector status (self-check system)
  • Data export: Automatic or manual in LIMS, CSV and PDF formats


FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance module for multiWin pro

Software module for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 conformity and data integrity

  • 21 CFR Part 11-compliant user management with user roles and assignment of individual permissions
  • Electronic signatures (3-stage) for release of calibration reports, methods and analysis results
  • Active Directory connection
  • Audit trail with comprehensive filtering function to track changes made by users
  • Configurable password rules
  • IQ, OQ and PQ documentation optimized for pharmaceutical applications
  • Software validation documentation and service provision by our support team, including certificate


AS vario Autosampler for flow injection TOC/TNb analyzers: Variable high capacity autosampler with up to 6 freely selectable sample racks for up to 146 samples. Automatic sample homogenization, sample acidification and parallel purge (NPOC) included.

AS vario ER with ext. needle cleaning for multi N/C 3300 and multi N/C 4300 UV: Variable high capacity autosampler with external needle rinse function. Choose from 4 different sample racks for up to 146 samples. Automatic sample homogenization, sample acidification and parallel purge (NPOC) included.

AS 21hp Autosampler for flow injection TOC/TNb analyzers: High performance autosampler for up to 21 samples, including automatic sample homogenization and parallel purge in NPOC mode. Automatic sample dilution in combination with multi N/C 3300 available.

AS 10e Autosampler for flow injection TOC/TNb analyzers: Economic automation for particle-free samples or calibration runs. 10 sample positions for 40/50 mL vials with automatic NPOC purge. Automatic dilution rack in combination with multi N/C 3300 available.

EPA Sampler with piercing function for flow injection TOC/TNb analyzers: Automation for up to 64 septum-capped EPA vials (40 mL). Automatic sample acidification, homogenization and parallel purge and analyze (NPOC) included.

HT 1300 for multi N/C 4300 UV - solids combustion module for TC/TOC analysis: Accessory module for determination of TC and TOC in solids by robust catalyst-free oxidation in a ceramic combustion tube at up to 1,300 °C

TIC solids module manual: Accessory module for semi-automated, direct determination of total inorganic carbon (TIC) in solid samples by acid decomposition.



multi N/C x300 Series — Sample Handling and InjectionTechniques

The TOC/TNb analyzers of the multi N/C series utilize unique injection techniques to transfer the sample into the combustion chamber. See how the innovative flow injection system with intelligent rinsing of the multi N/C 3300 works or discover the valve-free, direct injection system of the multi N/C 2300S which reduces the risk of sample carry-over significantly. All injection techniques ensure reliable and fast TOC/TNb analyses for almost every sample matrix.

multi N/C x300 Series - TOC analysis with the Focus Radiation NDIR Detector

Discover the cutting-edge technology behind Analytik Jena’s multi N/C x300 series for total organic carbon (TOC) and total bound nitrogen (TNb) analysis. One of the highlights is the cleverly designed focus radiation NDIR detector. Unlike conventional detectors, it offers outstanding sensitivity and long-term signal stability. No moving parts, zero maintenance, and a 5-year warranty make it a game-changer for your lab.The advantages of the detector at a glance:• Corrosion-proof• Long-term signal stability• Precise measurement results• No moving parts• No maintenance• No operating costs• 5-year long-term warrantyThe new multi N/C x300 series of TOC/TNb analyzers uses unique technologies and intuitive software to simplify your daily laboratory routine while providing results suitable for any interlaboratory study.

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