PlasmaQuant 9100

PlasmaQuant 9100 Elite – Secrets revealed with high resolution.더 많은 그림


PlasmaQuant 9100 ICP-OES

Reveal the Details that Matter

Maximum reliability

  • Unique resolving power with high-resolution optics
  • Interference-free trace element analysis
  • Selection of emission lines without compromises
  • Fast measurement readiness

Convenient functionality

  • Less torch handling and increased instrument up-time
  • Broad applicability and superior analytical performance
  • Cost-efficient operation
  • Torch mounting process with no need for alignment

Flexible observation

  • Optimized plasma observation modes without compromises
  • Argon-neutral counter gas for unique sensitivity
  • Detection from sub-ppb to percentage range in one run
  • Minimal need for sample preparation

Increased productivity

  • Outstanding plasma robustness for analyzing any sample matrix
  • Superior accuracy and precision by running undiluted sample
  • Maximum application flexibility
  • Lowest matrix-specific detection limits

Secrets revealed with high resolution

Analysis of the elemental composition of metals, minerals, chemicals and petrochemicals suffers from many spectral interferences due to their line-rich emission spectra. High spectral resolution separates even close line pairs and reveals most spectral details. This provides access to previously interfered lines with accurate baseline correction and reliable peak integration. Fluctuation in signal peaks due to varying matrix compositions do not significantly influence trace element detection. This opens up new opportunities for specification analysis and quality control of challenging samples.

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PlasmaQuant 9100

Cost-effective analysis without compromise

With high-performance features, it allows for more matrix tolerance, a wide working range and high measurement sensitivity. It provides high-quality results in contract analysis, reliability in quality control and the highest standards in regulated industries. Whether aiming for on-off measurements, method flexibility in shift-operation or continuous aspiration of challenging samples, the PlasmaQuant 9100 is your instrument of choice.

PlasmaQuant 9100 Elite

Secrets revealed with high resolution

High spectral resolution: the extra that makes the difference in ICP-OES and unvocvers spectral details like no other instrument. Removing common spectral interferences minimizes compromises in line selection and allows the use of highly sensitive emission lines for every application. In combination with its matrix tolerance and superior sensitivity, this enables previously unconceived analytical potential. The PlasmaQuant 9100 Elite is the number one choice for spectral resolution, sensitivity and the ideal solution for your most delicate analytical routines.


Thanks to a clear-cut, multilingual user interface, you can quickly generate methods geared to each matrix by selecting the elements to be determined and the preferred emission lines. All pre-installed method parameters are loaded automatically and can be easily modified.

The modular design of the ASpect PQ software offers you the flexibility to work with preset routine methods or to develop your own individual methods.

  • Powerful optimization, evaluation, and post-calculation routines
  • Compliant with 21 CFR Part11 and FDA module with user
  • management Innovative routines for baseline connection (ABC), interference correction (CSI), etc.
  • LIMS connection


A range of accessories and upgrade options provide a high level of application flexibility, easy sample handling, and high throughput.


Application examples for

Environment, Food & Agriculture, Chemicals & Materials, Oil & Gas, Power & Energy, Pharma & Life Sciences, Geology, Mining & Metals


  • Analysis of surface water, fresh water, sea water, waste water
  • Analysis of soil

Food & Agriculture

  • Analysis of toxic metals and micro minerals in food, feed and agricultural products
  • Quality control of fertilizers´

Chemicals & Materials

  • Quality and purity control of base chemicals (salts, acids, caustics, metal oxides, polymers, etc.)
  • Purity control of organic solvents
  • Composition analysis of materials (ceramics, semiconductors, building materials, advanced chemical compounds)
  • Analysis of process media (process water) and feedstock inspection

Oil & Gas

  • Specification and composition analysis of petrochemicals like naphtha, gasoline, diesel, fuels etc.
  • Feedstock inspection for elements that disrupt the refining process
  • Specification analysis and metal analysis in oils

Pharma & Life Science

  • Determination of elemental impurities according to USP chapters <232> and <233> as well as ICH Q3D guidelines
  • Determination of salt contents in infusion solutions

Geology, Mining & Metals

  • Quality control of high-purity metals, metal oxides, metal alloys
  • Composition and specification analysis of metal alloys and steel
  • Analysis of minerals and ores
  • Analysis of refractory metals and rare-earth elements
  • Process control by analysis of intermediates and processing chemicals (e.g. etching/plating solutions)



PlasmaQuant 9100 Series – Reveal the Details that Matter

Discover the new PlasmaQuant 9100 series by Analytik Jena. These ICP-OES devices offer superior analytical performance, application flexibility, robustness, and reliability – even for the most challenging sample matrices and applications.

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