multi EA 5100

multi EA 5100 for Micro-Elementar Analysis더 많은 그림


Your entire C/N/S/X lab in one device

  • Extensive range of applications without device modification
  • A single analyzer for solid, liquid, gaseous and LPG samples
  • Self Check System for unattended operation and reliable results
  • Vertical and horizontal combustion in one system

Product Details

Versatile, fast, and sensitive

The multi EA 5100 is extremely versatile: In addition to the testing of carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, and chlorine, the instrument also provides for the determination of important environmental parameters such as TOC, AOX/TOX, and EOX. C/N/S/X testing is carried out in one analysis cycle, the change between C/N/S and X determination is fully automatic, with no conversion of the instrument required. Preset standard methods simplify your work further and reduce measuring time.

  • Optimal for oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical, and polymer industries
  • Compliant for a large number of common international and national regulations (ASTM, EPA, DIN, ISO, EN, etc.)
  • The modular principle allows for the system to be designed individually – an extension is possible at any time should your requirements change
  • HiPerSens detection provides for a broad linear measuring range at the highest levels of detection

High sensitivity, fewer replicates – fast analyses, high throughput

In addition to system and operation safety, the device offers reliable and fast measurement results. Flexible automation possibilities for a high sample throughput reduce the costs per analysis considerably. The multi EA 5100 guarantees competitive advantage of your lab in terms of cost-effectivesness and analysis quality.


multiWin Software

Safe, intuitive and reducing workload

  • Intuitive user guidance
  • Comprehensive user-oriented functions like multi-point and multi-range calibration, blank correction, recalculation of results, free choice of results dimensions, statistical functions
  • Integrated quality and performance check functions
  • User management, audit trail
  • Comfortable management and storage of data and parameters
  • Automatic and manual data import and export functions
  • Fully automatically control of maintenance intervals
  • Extensive library of ready-made, compliant analysis methods


Make use of the best accessories for the multi EA 5000 to adapt your every need.

  • ABD – automatic boat drive – automatic introduction of quartz boats with liquid and solid samples into the analyzer
  • Autoinjector – sample quantities up to 100 µl, flexible dosing speeds; manual sampling, automatic injection
  • GSS - Gas Sampling System with adapter box – Introduction of gases under pressurized and unpressurized conditions; up to 100 ml gas volume at variable dosing speeds
  • GSS/LPG combi module – dosage of compressed and liquefied gases; separate sample branches prevent cross-contamination
  • LPG 2.0 module – direct, automatic LPG dosage; flexible sample volumes; compliant with ASTM D6667, D7551, DIN EN 17178
  • MMS 5000 - Multi Matrix Sampler – automatic introduction of liquid and solid samples; high degree of automation
  • TOC module – determination of environmentally relevant carbon parameters in water samples with high-temperature combustion


Application examples for

Environmental Analysis, Food and Agriculture, Chemistry & Materials, Oil and Gas, Power & Energy


  • Determination of TOC/TOX/AOX/EOX in surface, cooling, process and waste waters
  • TOX/AOX/EOX in soil, sewage sludge and sediments
  • EC/OC for particulate diesel engine emissions for monitoring air quality

Food & Agriculture

  • Carcinogenic Cl in fats, oils and waxes
  • TN in sugar and starch
  • N/S/Cl in alcohols, acetic and lactic acid

Chemicals & Materials

  • Analysis of aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons
  • Analysis of waxes, fatty acids, dyes, solvents such as alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, etc.
  • Analysis of raw materials such as butane, propane and additives
  • Analyses for certification to N/S/Cl standards, e.g. for the petrochemical industry
  • Analysis of polymers (PP, PE, PC, caoutchouc)

Oil & Gas

  • Analysis of mineral oil, natural gas, process intermediats, fuels, heating oil, distillation residues, additives, biodiesel, bioethanol, etc.
  • Analysis of lubricants, transmission and transformer oil, brake and hydraulic fluids, etc.

Power & Energy

  • TS/TCl analysis of fuels such as coal, fuel oil, natural gas, derived fuels such as wood, straw etc.
  • TOC/TOX/AOX in waste water



multi EA 5100 – Product Video

The multi EA 5100 is your flexible all-round solution for sulfur, nitrogen, chlorine and carbon analysis in solids, liquids and gases. QC analysis, research and contract labs will benefit from its combination of outstanding robustness and sensitivity, plus quality, service and cost-effective 24/7 high-throughput analysis in every matrix.

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