EAsy Fit: Intelligent design for efficient operation in the smallest of spaces

EAsy Fit

The instruments of the compEAct series are fully automated systems, including control and data evaluation unit with an incredibly small footprint of less than 1/3 m2. compEAct requires only one socket and is operated directly with the integrated touch screen or with external devices via LAN connection.

EAsy Fit – Your Benefits

  • Smallest footprint on the market
  • Stand-alone system – safes > 50% lab space compared to conventional analysis systems
  • LAN port for easy integration into existing LIMS and external control, e.g. from the control room or via Smartphone
EAsy Touch: Integrated control and data evaluation unit with intuitive touch operation

EAsy Touch

The compEAct is operated via robust, highly responsive touch screen. The high-contrast screen is almost angle-independent and easily operated with gloves. Nano-coating ensures a high resistance to chemicals and mechanical stress.
And, with its EAvolution software compEAct is as easy to use as a smartphone. Designed like a simple smartphone app, it provides truly intuitive control of all instrument functions.

EAsy Touch — Your Benefits

  • High-contrast 8‘‘ touch screen with high resistance to laboratory impacts
  • Gesture control and multi-touch
  • Pictogram-based interface with flat substructures
  • Quick Access sidebar allows easy navigation between menu items

EAsy Touch: Maximum protection through automatic monitoring and optimization of all process parameters

EAsy Protect

EAsy-Protect is a novel system of various safety and protection mechanisms that not only protects the user and important system components, but also ensures maximum service life of the consumables without the need for complex, manual checks.
System parameters such as temperature, pressure, gas flow, system tightness, etc. are monitored in real time and are automatically adjusted if necessary. In case of a hazardous incident, the system is automatically set into safety standby and the user is informed with instructions for rapid, independent troubleshooting via a system message.

EAsy Protect – Your Benefits

  • Self Check System monitoring and optimizing all relevant system parameters
  • Auto-protection for efficient protection of the system against aerosols and particles
  • Safety standby and troubleshooting guide
  • Maintenance assistant notifying of upcoming maintenance requirements
HiPerSens Detektion: Broadest measurement range without sample pretreatment for unique applicability

HiPerSens® detection

With one wide operation range that requires no manual or electronic adjustment the detectors are perfectly suited for measurements across the whole concentration range. The HiPerSens® Detection combines highest sensitivity in ultra-trace analysis with a wide linearity up to the upper end of the operation range. Thus high and low element contents can be processed together in the same sequence. Only ONE method is required. Samples with high concentrations can be analyzed directly without dilution.

HiPerSens® – Your Benefits

  • High and low element concentrations can be processed in one sequence
  • Direct analysis of high concentrations, without dilution
  • Fast and reliable trace analysis, no need for trap-and-release techniques or multiple injections
  • Self-cleaning and automatic replicate measurements if operation range is exceeded

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