novAA® 800 D

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The novAA® 800 D covers the complete range of AAS applications from flame to graphite furnace to hydride technology in one instrument making it the perfect system for laboratories with moderate sample loads, interested in both, the high and the low concentration ranges and main focus on cost-effectiveness and ease of use.
The dual atomizer concept with swivel-mounted atomizers and automatic adjustment simplifies operation and saves valuable working time. Performance-enhancing accessories increase productivity and ease of use - a choice of autosamplers allows higher sample throughput, while the scraper, a burner head cleaner and the SFS 6.0 injection switch improve measurement conditions and precision. The integrated USB camera available in graphite furnace mode significantly facilitates method development and optimization.

novAA® 800 D at a glance:

  • Small footprint with full flexibility thanks to flame and graphite furnace technology on one platform with automatic atomizer change
  • Stable measurement of high and low matrix samples in absorption and emission mode
  • Single and dual beam mode with D2 background correction
  • 8-fold lamp changer for highest degree of automation and sample throughput
  • Integrated RFID tool for working with coded lamps
  • Optional Autosamplers AS-F, AS-FD and integrated AS-GF for sampling, automatic dilution and preparation of standards and QC samples
  • Significant reduction of wet-chemical handling and sample/standard preparation when using autosamplers AS-FD and AS-GF
  • Range of other performance-enhancing accessories, such as hydride systems, USB camera, Scraper and switching valve technology (SFS 6.0), for high efficiency and ease of use


The ASpect LS evaluation and control software lets AAS become child‘s play. Software functions and modules help meeting all statutory requirements and standards.

Highest operating comfort

  • Simple routine operation while offering high flexibility in method development and data evaluation 
  • Fast and easy method development thanks to SOPs and a clearly laid out user interface
  • Simple adaptation of the methods to unknown matrices using automatic optimization routines
  • Automatic control and monitoring of all parameters and functions

Data processing made easy

  • Further processing of measurement data with external programs thanks to a variety of export routines
  • Easy integration into networks or LIMS

Quality assurance package

  • Compliance with all GLP and pharmacopoeia requirements
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance


AS-F and AS-FD - Autosamplers for flame technology, hydride technology and atomic fluorescence
The autosamplers for the AS-F and AS-FD flame technology enable fully automated routine analysis.

Modular hydride systems

  • Flow injection as well as batch mode available
  • Modular system, individually upgradable according to requirements
  • Easy exchange between all configurations
  • Color-coded tubing connections and flow scheme – easy replacement of consumables
  • Upgrade to HydrEA, easy exchange between mercury/hydride and HydrEA
  • Special mercury accessories
  • Fast Baseline Return drastically reduces the measurement time for mercury
  • Fully compliant with all applicable DIN, ISO, EPA and ASTM methods for mercury and hydride analysis

Injection switch Segmented Flow Star, SFS 6.0
Software controlled switching valve for easy handling of smallest sample volumes and samples with high salt load, high acid content and for organic samples

  • Enables the segmented introduction of very small sample volumes
  • Guarantees stable flame conditions thanks to continuous rinsing of sample introduction system and burner head
  • Reduces carry-over effects with high salt and matrix contents

The automated burner head cleaner cleans the slot before each measurement and in standby mode, thus guaranteeing a continuous and reproducible measuring cycle. It further contributes to lab safety and precision of results.

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The novAA® 800 D offers the highest degree of flexibility and is the optimal choice for laboratories with high emphasis on cost effectiveness and ease of use that measure in both the high and low concentration ranges. It enables both fast routine analysis by flame and the determination of element traces down to the lowest μg/kg range by transversely heated graphite furnace technology.


Application Note novAA 800 Toxic and Eco-toxic Elements in Industrial Effluents en

Application Note novAA 800 Toxic and Eco-toxic Elements in Sewage Sludge en

Food & Agriculture

Application Note novAA 800 Macro and Trace Minerals as well as Toxic Trace Metals in Powdered Milk

 Geology, Mining, Metals

Application Note novAA 800 Copper Quantification in Geological Samples

Chemistry & Polymers

Application Note novAA 800 Major Elements in Building Materials


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