RoboGene® Norovirus RNA Detection Kit

RoboGene® Norovirus RNA Detection Kit


  • Detection of Norovirus RNA from stool samples by real-time PCR ƒ
  • Verification and differentiation of genogroups GI and GII in parallel with an internal control
  • CE-certified for use with ABI7500 fast real-time-PCR system
  • Kit contains reaction vessels coated with positive controls
  • Sample preparation with InnuPure® C16 for up to 16 samples in parallel

Product Info

The RoboGene® Norovirus RNA Detection Kit allows the qualitative detection of Norovirus genogroups GI and GII in human stool samples by real-time PCR. Amongst other genotypes the kit is able to detect the currently circulating strain „Sydney2012“ (GII.4). Using differently labeled fluorescent probes it is pos-sible to differentiate both genogroups. This enables a first epidemiological analysis of samples without time and work consuming sequencing steps. The evaluation of the whole diagnosis process rang-ing from RNA extraction to detection is possible by analysing of the ranging control, amplified in parallel.

The RoboGene® Norovirus RNA Detection Kit is CE validated for use with ABI7500 Fast real-time-PCR-system in combination with the InnuPure® C16, applying the innuPREP Virus DNA/RNA Kit-IPC16 for RNA extraction.

Order Info

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50 tests



100 tests



Starting material:

Human stool samples

Detection time:

Amplification approximately 2 h


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